Miscellaneous Services

ADH staff has a wide range of expertise and experience and are capable of performing an array of scientific monitoring, observation, survey and other types of projects. (In-situ vane sheer testing of soil strength)
ADH staff are always trained to perform a sampling and monitoring in accordance to established protocols. (Groundwater monitoring well sampling)
ADH staff are trained in a variety of specialized field investigation techniques that incorporate state-of-the-art computer interface, Web-, and GIS –based technologies.

Our staff have professional registrations, accreditations and experience in performing onsite observation and monitoring programs requiring detailed photographic and written documentation for, geologic, hydrogeologic, geotechnical and biological monitoring including:

  • Documentation and evaluation of existing data.
  • Geographic Information System-based investigations and mapping
  • Observation monitoring and documentation of geotechnical construction activities
  • Design, configure and install seismic monitoring systems at remote locations
  • Groundwater and soil boring sampling, and lithologic logging in accordance to the Unified Soil Classification System
  • Hazardous waste sampling
  • Groundwater elevation measurements, well purging, water quality measurements, and sampling
  • Calculation of groundwater elevations, assessment of groundwater flow direction and gradient measurement, flow direction and gradient data, and discussion of seasonal trends
  • Discussion of the analytical results including spatial and temporal trends referenced to data tables and graphs
  • Comparison of monitoring data to the groundwater limitations and an explanation of any violation of those requirements based upon applicable Regional Water Quality Control Board Waste Discharge Requirements
  • Statistical regression analysis of groundwater chemistry data
  • Disposal of Waste to Land – Hydrogeological Assessments and Reports of Waste Discharge as described in California Code of Regulations (CCR) Division III, Title 23, Chapter 15 for both municipal solid waste and hazardous waste landfills
  • Atmospheric pollution monitoring
  • Soil-cement column installation inspections
  • Tunneling spoils and shotcrete waste disposal monitoring
  • Migratory bird nest surveys
  • Salmon Spawning gravel surveys

Our staff is experienced and qualified to install remote monitoring equipment for a variety of applications that require general construction knowledge to interpret structural, electronic and telecommunication plans and specifications. We can also provide expertise in developing instrumentation hardware and software aspects of remote monitoring devices; we have created programs for dataloggers and interfaced sensors for automated stormwater sampling systems, including the development of input/output routines using proprietary communications protocols of manufacturers of flow meters and other devices. We have deployed, developed, and diagnosed systems that were accessed remotely using various technologies that included simple modems, cellular modems, short-haul radio modems, long distance high-gain radios, satellite communications, and Ethernet systems using the Internet. ADH has managed databases of multi-year sampling programs for numerous clients, and written analyses on the respective data. We have in-house expertise in statistics; have designed sampling programs; have run the statistical tests specified by those designs; and have written statistical sections of stormwater annual reports.