Federal Express - NPDES Phase II Stormwater Sampling Assistance Services

Monterey, California, sampling location for NPDES II Compliance Monitoring
Prime Contractor: 
Period of Performance: 
October, 2005 to October, 2009
Project Description: 

ADH, as a subcontractor to Brown and Caldwell, is assisting Federal Express (FedEx) to comply with the stormwater sampling requirements for their facility’s stormwater National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Phase II permits in California. FedEx has 75 California facilities that require monitoring. Stormwater monitoring is being performed at a subset of the facilities in the state with up to 20 facilities that must be monitored during each storm season.

Since 2005, two FedEx facilities, located in Soquel and Monterey, California, are monitored by ADH during the wet-weather season (October 1 through April 15). Based upon annual permit requirements both, one and/or none of these sites may be sampled in any given storm season. When monitoring is required, each site is sampled once or twice per storm season. Sampling takes place during regular work hours defined as between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Sample collection commences during the first thirty minutes of runoff for events with a minimum of 0.1 inches of rainfall in a 24-hour period, following an antecedent dry period of at least 72 hours.

ADH Responsibilities: 
  • Site reconnaissance
  • Storm tracking
  • Coordination with respective FedEx facility staff
  • Coordination with analytical labs • Grab sample collection for analysis of total suspended solids, oil and grease, and surfactants
  • Field water quality parameter measurements of pH and specific conductance
  • Preparation of samples for overnight or same day delivery to the analytical laboratory
  • Preparation of sample chain-of-custody documentation
  • Generation of field reports, including pH and conductivity meter calibration and sampling forms