Napa Creek Restoration and Flood Control Improvements Project - Environmental Engineering Assistance

 Severe flooding in downtown Napa as the Napa River and Napa Creek overflow thei
Re-contoured Napa Creek with newly installed fish habitats, bank stabilization m
Prime Contractor: 
Period of Performance: 
July, 2011 to December, 2011
Project Goals: 

The goals of the Napa Creek project were twofold:

  • Increase the flow capacity of Napa Creek and consequently minimize the risk of severe flooding in downtown Napa.
  • Re-establish the natural condition of Napa Creek and promote the growth of native vegetation and encourage native fish species to return to and thrive in Napa Creek.

Project Challenges

  • Allow the restoration work to occur within the creek by dewatering the project section of Napa Creek.
  • Divert the water flow of Napa Creek around the project section and discharge the flow into the Napa River.
  • Protect the Napa River from increased turbidity, changes in pH, and changes in temperature that might occur due to the construction in the Napa Creek.
  • Protect and relocate fish and other fauna before the dewatering and construction within the creek.
Scope of Services: 


  • Provided “real-time” onsite expert consultation and recommendations to the Contractor for the implementation of the project SWPPP, for the installation of the project BMPs, and to achieve the regulatory agency requirements for the project.
  • Provided onsite liaison services between the Contractor and the regulatory agency personnel and inspectors.
  • Maintained daily field logs describing the work, the project accomplishments, and project milestones.
  • Maintained a photographic “diary” of the creek restoration work during the project.