KriStar Enterprises - Storm Water BMP Efficacy Study – Dual Vortex Separator

Storm Water BMP Efficacy Study Project Site
KriStar 48-inch Dual Vortex Separator
Prime Contractor: 
Period of Performance: 
December, 2005 to June, 2006
Project Description: 

KriStar Enterprises manufactures a Storm Water Treatment Control/Best Management Practice (BMP) Device, the Dual Vortex Separator (DVS), which is commonly incorporated into new and existing storm drain conveyance systems throughout the United States. KriStar’s DVS is a structural BMP designed to retain floating materials including oil and grease, and to capture particulate matter in a sedimentation chamber. Two KriStar 48-inch DVSs were installed as part of a new residential area’s storm drain system in Watsonville, California. To assess the efficacy of KriStar’s DVS at the site, ADH was contracted to collect paired samples, influent and effluent, from one of the two DVSs during three storm events over the study period. Paired samples were collected during three phases of each storm: 1) Initial runoff; 2) Peak flow; and, 3) Near-end storm flow.

ADH was responsible for all phases of coordination and performance of the monitoring program. A team of two ADH scientists performed the on-site duties on an as-needed basis 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. 

ADH Responsibilities: 
  • Storm tracking
  • Event mobilization
  • Storm sampling
  • Observations and inspections
  • Laboratory coordination
  • Field reports