Alaya Vautier, M.A.

Staff Scientist
Alaya Vautier
Career Summary: 

Ms. Vautier has over 7 years experience performing a variety of storm water and water quality projects throughout central California.  Project clients have included governmental and private sectors including transportation corridor (Caltrans), municipalities and commercial clientele for US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase I and II permitted projects. As part of these projects, Ms. Vautier has also participated in several stormwater water quality Best Management Practices (BMP) effectiveness studies including: a bioretention pilot project to test the efficacy of six bioretention basins to attenuate influent stormwater of a wide variety of physical, chemical and biological pollutants; the ability of asphalt pavement to treat stormwater; and the ability of groundcover vegetation species to provide treatment of highway runoff. For these investigations, Ms. Vautier’s responsibilities have included sample control, operation of remote time-paced and flow-weighted monitoring and sampling equipment, operation of stream rating equipment in accordance to US Geological Society (USGS) protocols field documentation, sample collection, preparation of Chain-of-Custody forms, and sample shipment.

Areas of Proficiency: 
  • Stormwater Monitoring Field crew leader
  • Remote Monitoring Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Field documentation of site visits including pre-, during-, and post-storm field data sheets; preparation of detailed daily field reports and standard observations and Chain-of-Custody documentation
  • Grab and composite sample collection and handling
  • M.A., International Policy Studies, 2005
  • B.S., Environmental Studies, 1999
Starting Year of Employment: 
2 005